Our surveyors hold Professional Tree Inspection certifications and are trained and registered users of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment method (QTRA). This is a systematic and transparent approach designed to allow the quick evaluation of the hazard presented to persons or property by trees. Using this methodology, only trees subject to recommendations are those presenting unacceptable hazards.

As a target led assessment (i.e., we focus firstly on what can be harmed or damaged), the volume of related tree work for a given area is often less than that produced by other survey methods. The cost of managing your tree stock is therefore reduced. As our company policy is to avoid all potential conflict of interest involved in tendering for works recommended in our surveys, we are able to guarantee to our clients that we do not specify unnecessary work for reward or profit.

Our tree work specifications are detailed, fully compliant with BS3998: 2010 and bespoke to individual trees. This avoids further generalisation and the associated problems of imprecise works. Contractors can price accurately, and tenders can be compared more effectively. To enable this, we can provide contractor’s packages, including work priority schedules, colour coded plans and grid reference data where appropriate. Our work priority scheduling strives to be achievable rather than setting arbitrary and unlikely timescales.

We can undertake detailed tree risk hazard inspections, from an individual to thousands of trees associated with the smallest property to larger sites and estates.

We can provide written guidance and policies to guide tree risk management around property, highways, sites with public access including schools etc.