We can specify and implement various remedial methods to address instances of poor drainage, or compaction within the rooting areas of trees.

We can offer guidance and implementation of various methods of Tree root remediation works, such as mulching, and decompaction using various techniques and individually tailored to a trees maturity and site specific conditions. To encourage root development whilst minimising root damage.

We specialise in undertaking excavations within the rooting area of trees to investigate rooting patterns and depths while minimising the damage that inevitably occurs when disturbing the soil around trees. Our work typically falls into one of the following categories;

Root investigation: We can model the likely extent of a tree’s root system (in accordance with British Standard 5837:2012) and undertake excavations to map out and evaluate the actual revealed exposed roots. The chosen method of excavation depends on an assessment of the site and ground conditions and soil type.

Produce arboricultural impact assessments to provide design information for engineers about the possible opportunities and constraints for foundation design.

Root pruning / Service installation: We can use techniques to expose roots prior to pruning them in accordance with the requirements of BS3998:2010. This can ensure that the minimal damage occurs to the tree where excavations are needed within the root zone – where services are to be installed across the root zone, this method can enable the trenching specified by NJUG guidelines.